About Us

RICA PERFORMANCE SDN BHD, an incorporated company in Malaysia on 23rd March 2007 with its comprehensive range of gasoline and diesel lubricants for both passenger and commercial vehicles, there are also transmission fluids, gear and axles oils, specialties and range of additives oils etc… RICA produce high technologies Motor oil meets the requirement of every user.

RICA is from the company accredited with ISO 9001-2008 or certified company, we produce quality products.

The company has also officially registered and obtained an approval of company trademark RICA from PERBADANAN HARTA INTELEK MALAYSIA.

Besides, the company is also backed with 1 million Ringgit Malaysia of insurance on Product Assurance Warrantee.

Company’s Objectives
a) To create an aggressive marketing approach through direct marketing with efficient distribution channels for the purpose of ensuring wider penetration of the market and reduce financial risk factor.

b) An extreme comprehensive marketing strategy implemented as to capture the market share consistently and efficiently.

c) To streamline the distribution effort and brand acceptance as well as excellent after sales services.


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